Trump on UK visit: ‘People had never seen the Queen have a better time’

US president claims he had automatic chemistry with the British monarch

The US president, Donald Trump, has boasted about having automatic chemistry with the Queen during his state visit to the UK.

Trump, during an interview with Fox News, said people had noticed how well he and the Queen had connected.

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He said: The meeting with the Queen was incredible. I think I can say I really got to know her because I sat with her many times and we had automatic chemistry, you will understand that feeling. Its a good feeling. But shes a spectacular woman.

When asked by the broadcasters Laura Ingraham if he fist-bumped the Queen, Trump said: I did not, but I had a great relationship, we had a really great time.

There are those that say they have never seen the Queen have a better time, a more animated time. We had a period we were talking solid straight, I didnt even know who the other people at the table were, never spoke to them. We just had a great time together.

Trump, when asked if he would keep the conversation going, added: Yes I am, she is a spectacular woman, an incredible woman.

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The controversial billionaire-turned-politician was feted with a ceremonial welcome and a grand state banquet at Buckingham Palace during his stay in London this week and sat next to the Queen at the D-day commemorations in Portsmouth on Wednesday.

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