Seth Meyers Destroys Trumps War on Thanksgiving Nonsense

Seth Meyers War on Christmas, now the War on Thanksgiving, next Meyers predicted that Trump would be saying, The Democrats dont want to use the term Halloween, folks. They want to change it to All Gourds Day and were not gonna let em. Now you will not be surprised to learn that this dumb idea, like most of Trumps dumb ideas, originated on Fox News, Meyers continued, explaining how the War on Thanksgiving moved from Foxs The Five, to Trumps recent rally and then

Fiona Hill and Her Unapologetic Anger Is What We All Need Right Now

By the fourth marathon day of impeachment testimony, just about everyone involved looked exhausted. But then something happened. The Trump impeachment got its own movie star in the form of Russia expert and former National Security Council member Fiona Hill. As soon as she began reading her statement, tired eyes were wide open again. She was a commanding presence, serious, steely and steadfast as she read in her northern British accent. The daughter of a coal miner and a nurse, Dr. Hill mentioned the social mobility that American life had granted her. But she didnt appear before Congress today to talk about social mobility. In the highest-stake case, she was the best possible witness, and beneath her steely surface one …