Seth Meyers Destroys Trumps War on Thanksgiving Nonsense

Seth Meyers did not pull any punches during his last Late Night before Thanksgiving.

One thing we know about Trump is that his brain is basically a toxic waste dump with a bunch of trash and debris just floating around in there, the host said. And apparently, one particular piece of brain litter that got lodged in his skull recently is an insane and completely nonsensical idea that there are people who want to change the name of Thanksgiving.

Meyers was of course talking about the presidents recent rants about the so-called War on Thanksgiving, which he said will not be changing names under his watch. We could change it to What the fuck are you talking about? the host suggested. Because nobody wants to change the name of Thanksgiving.

He went on to argue that as the impeachment inquiry continues to heat up, Trump and his allies have to keep inventing insane new paranoid conspiracy theories to whip up their base and keep them in line. First it was the War on Christmas, now the War on Thanksgiving, next Meyers predicted that Trump would be saying, The Democrats dont want to use the term Halloween, folks. They want to change it to All Gourds Day and were not gonna let em.

Now you will not be surprised to learn that this dumb idea, like most of Trumps dumb ideas, originated on Fox News, Meyers continued, explaining how the War on Thanksgiving moved from Foxs The Five, to Trumps recent rally and then back to Fox & Friends, which covered it again Wednesday morning.

There is no War on Thanksgiving! he reiterated. The only war on Thanksgiving is the war between sane people and racist uncles who think theres a War on Thanksgiving.

Moving on to impeachment, Meyers noted that given the House Democrats current timeline, Trump could actually be impeached in time for Christmas.

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I mean, in a way, its the one promise hes actually kept, Meyers added. Because remember, he did say, Youll be saying Merry Christmas again. See? Hes right!

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