Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Insists He Did NOT Pull A Knife On Jen Harley During Alleged Kidnapping Incident – Perez Hilton

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is insisting he was the good guy in the disconcerting altercation with Jen Harley which 

TMZ published the footage over the weekend showing a barefooted Jen early Friday morning approaching their neighbor’s home and attempting to open the gate. She then appeared to check the trunk of the neighbor’s car to see if it’s open — possibly to hide her daughter inside — before walking away.

The neighbor who shared the footage (check it out HERE) with the outlet said Jen ended up pounding on her glass door asking for help, but the neighbor was frightened to let her in, so she instead called the police. The neighbor then allegedly looked out her window to see Jen trying to drop baby Ari over a fence as a shirtless Ronnie showed up and swiped the child back.

According to the neighbor, Ronnie and Jen struggled for a moment before the father grabbed the baby, allegedly struck Jen, then left the premises. Harley apparently came back to the house a little bit later without Ariana and asked to use the phone, but the neighbor told her cops were already on the way.  

When police eventually arrived around 2:50 a.m., Ronnie was holed up in their rental with Ariana and refused to come out. Cops had to breach the front door and subdue the MTV icon with a taser before cuffing him to a gurney and booking him on kidnapping charges. He was released from custody a short while later

TMZ’s sources say both Ron and Jen’s friends are adamant they split up for good, for Ariana’s (and their own) safety. 

We don’t disagree — do U?

[Image via Jen Harley/Instagram]

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