Kim Kardashian Wests Kimono shapewear touches nerve in Japan

Twitter users accuse reality star of cultural appropriation with new underwear line

The American television star Kim Kardashian West has caused controversy in Japan by naming her new line of shapewear Kimono, prompting some to accuse her of disrespecting the traditional outfit.

The reality TV star and trainee lawyer unveiled her new Kimono line on Instagram, describing it as a collection of skin tone-colored shapewear and stating she had been working for a year on underwear that she claims offers solutions for women that actually work.

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The announcement received mixed reactions, with some offering their criticism on Twitter at #KimOhNo.

Shes been to Japan many times. Im shocked. She has no respect, tweeted one user in Japanese.

I like Kim Kardashian, but please pick a name other than Kimono if its underwear, wrote another.

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