Donald Trump Isnt Julius Caesar. Hes Republic-Killer Tiberius Gracchus.

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As Americans try to find familiarity in strange times, people have grasped at a sea of comparisons to try and fully capture Trumps innate Trumpiness. Our most analogized president has been compared to Hitler and Stalin, Jesus, a chess grandmaster, and Julius Caesar. The Daily Beasts Clive Irving likened Trump to an early-stage Mussolini. Frank Palmieri at AlterNet countered: Trump is no Mussolini, hes Charles II of England.

But weve seen this before, over 2,000 years ago, when another insurgent faux-populist movement whipped disaffected citizens into an anti-establishment frenzy.

The echoes of his worldview can be heard nearly a century before Caesars rise, when Tiberius Gracchus convinced Roman citizens to hollow out their governing institutions. By the time Romes senators realized the full extent of their self-immolation, the Gracchiand the Republicwere dead.

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