Best Diving Resorts In Australia

Australia is similar to its Pacific neighbors in many ways. But when it comes to the best diving resorts, Australia has it all with the greatest reefs and the clearest waters. Diving in Australia, whether scuba diving, skin diving, or shark diving will help you open your eyes to the different marine environments we have today.

Double Island

One of Australias more famous diving resorts is the Double Island in Queensland. This exclusive place is small compared to other commercial sites yet it gives divers in Australia the space and the seclusion to enjoy their scuba diving expeditions. Lying between the two islands is a shallow shelf of reefs and atolls where one can view the fishes and the corals in emerald-green waters. Double Island is a resort that gives tourist a paradise within a paradise.

Sea Temple Scuba Diving

Another luxurious diving resort can also be found in Queensland. The Sea Temple Resort and Spa is a resort which is carefully built as an Oasis in a desert. The scuba diving resort has a view to the lagoon and an island pool. It is located on the beach at the end of a front that extends for four miles. This resort puts the corals right beside the splendid suites.

Hayman Great Barrier Reef

No one goes diving in Australia without going to the Great Barrier Reef. In this case, Hayman in Queensland is one of the most famous of all diving resorts in the great reef. This resort provides a unique setting for adventure sports aside from scuba diving. Divers can also go kayaking, water skiing, and skin diving on the shallow coves. The Hayman diving resort is strategically located for easy access.

Bedarra Island Diving Resort

Bedarra Island found in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland provides a secluded hideaway for romantic and intimate trips with your loved ones. In such a silent and serene spot, the diving resort will make the tourist experience the slowest days where time can only be measured by the location of the sun. It has complete amenities despite the far seclusion giving tourists all the time that they need to do lots of things. One can go skin diving, scuba diving, or go through the adventures of different water sports.


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